Napa Valley Wine Yacht

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The Kiwi Cat is a privately owned vessel. It has twin-diesel Yanmars (230 HP/4LH-STE fuel injected-turbo-charged) which sets this vessel apart from all others of equal length.  Built and designed by one of New Zealand’s most prolific catamaran designer/engineers, Alan Wright and Angelo Lavronos of New Zealand.  The hull was designed for 3’ to 5’ seas to provide efficiency and enhanced platform stability for the 1999 and 2003 New Zealand America’s Cup Series. This vessel carried the Gyro-cameras for the Louis Vuitton series and America's Cup finals providing excellent efficiency, stability, speed, and decreased roll. The camera crew enjoyed entertaining in the spacious design layout with comfort for all aboard and is now being used for private cruises on the Napa River and occasional transfers to/from San Francisco to wine country.